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Sylvia Grace  

Out of work in Ohio

Hello everyone. I go by the name of Sylvia Grace and am typing this because so much has happened in my life starting in December of 2010. i was a medical transcriptionist for the past 11 years at a hospital and was very content and happy with my job. We were a group of 32 girls and I had 11 years service with this hospital. Some of the ladies had over 25 years service. Anyway, we worked very hard for this hospital and starting off had a great supervisor who had 15 years of transcribing and was hired in as supervisor because she not only had a great personality but generally cared about our department, the transcriptionists and the doctors we typed for. She had good common sense and gave us lots of perks if we typed over our expected line count, as most transcription companies do and was very easy to get along with. All the girls were very comfortable with her and she took out time for each and everyone of us no matter how busy she was. Well, all the good she did the department, for some reason they ended up firing her and her very capable assistant who was also a good manager. They both had been transcriptionists for years and understood entirely the mental anguish at times we experience to get our work done, making sure the quality of the work was good as well as the turnaround time expected for our accounts. But all the ladies were happy having the two of them understanding so well what transcription entails and sometimes you can get mentally burned out. But they both had good common sense to realize that if you have happy transcriptionists, than you have happy doctors, and this formula worked so well. We didn't mind going the extra mile for them because they showed in so many ways how much they appreciated our hard work and they were not above pitching in and typing themselves when the work flow got too high.

Then around 2008 was when all the trouble started. They fired both of them and brought in a lady who had no knowledge whatsoever about transcription and she went on a firing spree. At that time she fired 11 transcriptionists, then proceeded to take away everything that our prior supervisor had worked so hard to give us. No more incentives for typing above our expected line count, her only answer was "why should I pay you guys extra for doing your job? This lady had never typed transcription before in her life, not even a ER report. All she did was take things away from us. My prior supervisor had given me the title of lead transcriptionist and trainer for any new girls that were hired, it was my job to get them trained on different types of reports. Well, she took that away from me. Then all of a sudden she brings in this lady from another transcription company from way out of town and announces she is our new manager. Yet she was only requested to be there once a month. She knew nothing of our system and often leaned on me or whoever to teach her the ropes of how we did things.

Well we knew we were in trouble because something just was not right and I felt it as soon as she brought this lady in. Then she proceeded to take away all of the good jobs from us, the ones that would give you a high line count and give them to her company. Again, I knew something was up because all of a sudden we were being treated like we were the outsiders and her company of girls were the main transcriptionists, getting the best jobs, etc., leaving us with the jobs that were almost impossible to get a good line count with. We knew we were in trouble, but we had no choice but to tolerate her. Now in 2008 my husband was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and only had a 15% chance of living without a double lung transplant, so I was and still am under tremendous stress because I am his caregiver. But he did get the double lung transplant so we were very blessed, yet he is still very sick and has good days and bad days. So I had to come home to work so I could keep an eye on him and still bring in a paycheck.

Well, in 2010 I had to have a knee replacement so I had to take off for that. And on December 1st 2010 they E-mail everyone and say they are having a Christmas party for us, so everyone was expected to come in. I couldn't because I was still recovering but lo and behold that day my phone starts ringing off the hook, calls from all of my co-workers telling me that there was no party that day, that it was just a ploy to get us all in to announce that they were closing our department and outsourcing to this "new managers" company. I saw it coming but your never ready for news like that even if you expect it. All the girls are calling me crying and worried about income and benefits.

Now here is the hook, they had supervisors from this company they were outsourcing to, offering us jobs with a big pay cut but promising plenty of work. And giving us only 24 hours to give them an answer. Well being that the economy is in the state it is in, all but 4 decided to sign on with the company because we all needed our jobs. They out and out lied to us. You see, they never wanted any of us girls from the hospital, they just wanted the account, but it seems that was part of the deal they cooked up with the hospital, that if they offered us jobs they could have the account. So they were nice as pie until they got us signed on, then talk about an attitude change. Everyday we signed on to start work with this company, there was never any work. And they really wouldn't address us, just tell us to check back. It got so bad that my entire shift consisted of signing on at 7:00 in the morning and waiting around for work to come in. Was lucky to get 3 hours of work a day, and some days no work at all.

Then they had the audacity to E-mail us and ask why our line counts were so low. But everytime I E-mailed them back and asked, how can I have the line count you expect when your not giving me any work to produce a line count. And they would never answer that question. So then they started firing all of us stating that our line counts were not high enough. We even went for a consultation with an attorney and he said it sounded like a clear cut case of colusion to him and that we would not be there long. He thinks the hospital was only trying to dodge paying unemployment. And sure enough everything he said came true. I think there are only 3 girls left from our old staff and they probably will not last the year either. Come to find out that this company has been bought by an overseas firm and all the work is going to them because they only have to pay them $1.00 an hour!!!

This has really put me in a bind where I went into depression because I have never been on Welfare, food stamps, nothing like that. I do get a little unemployment but that is it. I mean what happened to Americans having each others back? What happened to the American dream? It surely does not seem to exist anymore. I can't give up, but how bad does it look to go for a job interview and not have any top teeth? Not very good I would think from an employers point of view. And after all I had paid into that dental plan was for nil.

So please someone, a dentist, someone with suggestions, some type of help would be so appreciated. I can type for you, do any type of office work, if someone would just help me. I am not asking for a handout, just a hand. I live in Akron Ohio. Please can anyone help me at all? I have worked all my life and don't want to end up like this. I went to school for medical transcription and did legal transcription before that. Could somone please help a struggling female American? LOL and appreciate any help or advice or jobs anyone can offer. Thank you all for reading and Godspeed to you all. Sylvia

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please help

Shalom, love, and blessing's to you my friend.
I'm sorry to hear about what your son has to endure at this time. I have some resource's to the right of my homepage that may assist you with dental assistance, borrowing money (for dental work). Please refer to these resource's. Let me share a quick testimony about dental work. God is in the dental healing business today. Yes. i said God. God has done supernatural dental work in my mouth, and other's like kill nerve's to stop pain, new teeth, and golden teeth. I have biblical resource's as well about God.
What is impossible with man is possible with God.
If we are willing seek God, and make him number 1 in our live's God move's in amazing supernatural way's in our live's. What God doe's for one. HE will do for another. I will intercede to God on your behalf that by seeking him. God will open door's for you. Seek Jesus. = )
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please help

My son is 21 and his teeth are breaking off he has no insurance and is a great deal of pain
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please help

my husband is 80 yrs old. teeth are black and rotting and we cant afford . need teeth pulled and dentures where can we go to get help. live in western wisconsin
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I have no dentures , i had a set but they got broke.
Talk to Wizzie


Free dentures
Talk to Wizzie


I am writing on behalf of my son steven jarrell, he is 31 has no insurnce all of his teeth are rotten, he cant hardley eat sleep ,he goes to the hospital for a temperaly fix it dosent help I pray to you could toy please help him,& say a prayerfor him. AMEN.
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Dentist Saver   in reply to Squirrel82   on

Help in wv

Hey I think I can help.. I work for a company that is nation wide and we sell dental and health plans. The Dental plan is 19.95 per month for a WHOLE household... and preexisting conditions are accepted... Let me know if your interested and I can get you all set up and on your way to pain free.
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Help in wv

I'm looking for an oral surgeon in the Huntington, Wv area to help with extractions. My family just didnt have the means to provide me with dental care as a child. All of my teeth need removed and no one wants to help men. I work 40+ hours a week and still badly make it. I've been having to help my father with his expenses as well. If there is any that can help please contact me.
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Starshine   in reply to javamil   on

free dental implants


Try this to see if you can get help with your dental from here.


and here for dental extractions or dentures.

and though not free is

Good luck


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free dental implants

my husband has no teeth really,what he has is 4 teeth that are there. but there going to be removed do to tooth decay, he is 56 and has no money he is on disabilty and he doesn't have any money, he chokes several times do to no teeth can you help us, thankyou milli
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need free dental work!

hello im cyprus,i looking for free dental work.i live off of 442.00 a month.i have great potential to obtain a great job.but,my teeth are so awful.i do not get hired in the office job position i qualify for and my dating life is none existant due to my awful teeth.please help me.i would be willing to pay money back to whom ever help me!
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Oregon Help With Dental - FREE And Sliding Scale Dental Clinics For Low Income


  • If you have insurance, contact your dental insurance plan for the names of participating dentists
  • For emergency care and Oregon Health Plan Open Card: 1-800-723-3638
  • If not currently enrolled, apply for the Oregon Health Plan: 1-800-359-9517 or TTY 1-800-621-5260 (Must meet eligibility criteria)
  • Oregon Health Plan Client Hotline (problems with eligibility and service): 1-800-273-0557

If you are already enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) but not signed up for a managed dental care plan, sign up for one of the plans listed below. See OHP plan comparison charts and locations at:

If you are already enrolled in a managed dental care plan with the Oregon Health Plan and need to see a dentist, call the dental plan you are enrolled in. (Plan information is also listed on your coverage letter.)

Access Dental (503) 445-9056 1-877-213-0357
Advantage Dental Services (541) 504-3901 1-866-268-9631
Capital Dental Care (503) 585-5205 1-800-525-6800
Family Dental Care (503) 584-4245 1-866-875-1199
Hayden Family Dentistry (503) 443-3842 1-888-468-0022
Managed Dental Care of Oregon (503) 581-1407 1-800-538-9604
MultiCare Dental (503) 988-3711 1-877-350-7333
ODS Community Health, Inc. (503) 243-2987 1-800-342-0526
Willamette Dental Group (503) 952-2100 1-800-461-8994

This information is provided by the Oregon Dental Association as a courtesy to the public. The accuracy of the above information is subject to change at any time. ODA assumes no responsibility for services or availability of services Statewide Resources

Child Development & Rehabilitation Center/Doernbecher Children's Hosp.
700 SW Campus Dr.
Portland, OR 97239
Phone: 503-418-5799
Population Served: Children with special needs and medically fragile
Hours: M- F 8-4
Donated Dental
P O Box 690
Wilsonville , OR 97070
Phone: 503-594-0837
Toll-Free: 1-800-767-6334
Services Provided: Services provided to approved applicants by volunteer dentists
Population Served: Children and adults but must meet special criteria and be approved prior to treatment; call for application
Fees Info/Restrictions: No fees; developmental disabilities, mentally ill, elderly, low income
Medical Teams International
Dental vans in varies locations
Phone: 503-624-1026
Services Provided: Limited to extractions and fillings as needed to treat severe pain and/or infection
Population Served: Portland metro and surrounding area -
Fees Info/Restrictions: Call Hotline number (503) 624-1026 to find locations for available vans
Mt. Hood Community College Dental Hygiene Program
26000 SE Stark St.
Ste. 2731
Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: 503-491-7176
Services Provided: Tri-County patients- Dental Hygiene Services only
Population Served: Tri-County patients
Fees Info/Restrictions: Closed summers- Clinic operates on student schedules; Hours and fees vary
OHSU School of Dentistry
611 SW Campus Drive
Portland , OR 97239
Phone: 503-494-8867
Services Provided: All services provided during regular school year
Hours: During regular school year 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fees Info/Restrictions: Reduced fee at time of service
Portland Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic - Sylvania Campus
12000 SW 49th Ave
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503-977-4909
Services Provided: Dental Hygiene: teeth cleaning, x-rays, sealants, fluoride, dental exams
Population Served: Open to public, must call for eligibility screening, no walk-ins
Hours: During regular school year, phone to get on list
Fees Info/Restrictions: No insurance
Salud Medical Center
1175 Mt. Hood Avenue/ PO Box 66
Woodburn, OR 97071
Phone: 503-982-2010
Services Provided: Provides dental services; Emergency services on walk-in basis -daily;
Population Served: Not limited to geographic area
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm, Fri 8 am - 5 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding fee scale; accepts variety of insurance plans; OHP

Regional Resources

A. L. E. Dental Center-Eugene (sponsored by Assistance League of Eugene)

1149 Willamette St.
Eugene , OR 97401
Phone: 541-485-3721
Population Served: Low income children ages 5 to 18 years
Fees Info/Restrictions: Apply through school nurses/counselors

Apollo College Dental Hygiene Clinic

2004 Lloyd Center, First Floor
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-419-4971
Services Provided: Dental Hygiene: teeth cleaning, x-rays, sealants, fluoride, dental exams
Hours: Mondays 8 to 5, call for more information
Fees Info/Restrictions: General public. Schedule appointment.

Asher Community Health Center

340 High St.
Mitchell, OR 97874
Phone: 541-462-3313
Services Provided: Family dentistry; emergency dental care; hygiene and x-rays
Population Served: 200%FPL or below Wheeler County residents
Fees Info/Restrictions: Reduced fees sliding fee to 200% FPL or below;

Assistance League Children's Dental Center-Portland

4701 SE Bush St.
Portland, OR 97206
Phone: 503-916-5808
Population Served: School Aged Children
Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Free to those who qualify for free or reduced lunch program, and do not have dental ins or OHP

Assistance League of Corvallis

547 NW 9th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone: 541-757-1978
Services Provided: General dentistry and limited orthodontics
Population Served: Benton County students K-12; Uninsured and low income
Hours: Vary - School year only

Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis

1112 NW Circle Blvd.
Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone: 541-257-2006
Services Provided: General dentistry and limited orthodontics
Population Served: Benton County students K-12
Hours: Vary: School year only
Fees Info/Restrictions: Free to uninsured, low income
Notes: qualify for free lunch program

Boys & Girls Club of Salem

1395 Summer St. NE
Salem, OR 97352
Phone: 503-581-7383, ext. 32
Services Provided: Screenings, cleanings, fluoride, x-rays, filings, extractions, oral health education
Population Served: MPY students pre-K to 12th grade
Fees Info/Restrictions: Free to uninsured; low income, not qualified for OHP

Children's Dental Center

1850 Bailey Hill Rd.
Eugene , OR 97405
Phone: 541-687-3232
Services Provided: General dentistry and limited orthodontics
Population Served: Students K-12 of low income families
Hours: Tues, Thurs and Fri. Closed on School vacations
Fees Info/Restrictions: No Insurance

Children's Dental Clinic of Jackson County

2825 East Barnett Rd.
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-789-4249
Services Provided: Applications available in Jackson Co Schools
Population Served: School Aged Children; low income families or do not have OHP.
Fees Info/Restrictions: Free to school aged children with no dental insurance or OHP, low income; closed during school vacations

Clackamas County Community Health Dental Clinic

1425 Beavercreek Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: 503-655-8471
Services Provided: Urgent and routine services only, filing, extractions. No restorative
Population Served: Multicare/OHP, low income/uninsured children and adults Clackamas County residents and migrant/seasonal farm workers
Hours: Mon, Wed-Friday 8:30am-5pm, Tues 11:30am-8pm OHP sliding fee scale
Fees Info/Restrictions: OHP, sliding fee scale, payments, must provided proof of income

Community Outreach, Inc.

865 NW Reiman
Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone: 541-758-3000
Services Provided: Application required -
Population Served: Over age of 18 - takes about 2 months to be approved; uninsured
Fees Info/Restrictions: Application required; approval process

Coos Bay Lions Club Dental Clinic

833 W. Anderson
Coos Bay, OR 97402
Phone: 541-267-3447
Services Provided: Children K- 12; general dentistry; some ortho; school referral only
Population Served: school referral only; low and middle income; no Medicaid;
Fees Info/Restrictions: M-Th 8:30am-5 pm

Critical Care Dental Clinic

547 NE Bellevue Drive Suite 105
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-508-1435
Services Provided: Emergency treatment - No appointment needed - First come first served - First 15 patients
Population Served: All ages
Hours: Open at 5pm Tues& Wed/ 3pm Thurs./ 1 pm Fri& Sat
Fees Info/Restrictions: $35 emergency exam/list of fees available at clinic - Cashier's check or credit/debit cards accepted only

Dental Access Program

426 SW Stark
Ste. F1-9
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503-988-6942
Services Provided: Triage & referrals for uninsured with urgent dental needs
Population Served: Mult. Clack, Wash. County residents who meet Federal poverty guidelines
Hours: Partners with volunteer dentists. Access is limited

Deschutes County Health Dept.

2577 NE Courtney
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: 541-322-7400

Geriatric Dental Group

6319 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97206
Phone: 503-772-3677
Services Provided: Some services are available in private homes or assisted living
Population Served: People 55 yrs or older. Some visits to long term care and private homes
Fees Info/Restrictions: Reduced fees (approx 20-40% less than fee for service)

Gilliam County Medical Center

422 N. Main P O Box 705
Condon , OR 97823
Phone: 541-384-3121

Kemple Memorial Children's Dental Clinic

63360 NW Britta St.
Bldg I
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-617-1653
Services Provided: Emergency and other dental treatment provided by dentist volunteers
Population Served: School-aged children referred by Head start, Healthy Beginnings, Deschutes County Health Dept,& Family Advocates
Fees Info/Restrictions: Call for appointment and discounted services

Klamath Open Door Dental

2074 S. 6th St.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Phone: 541-880-2090
Services Provided: General dentistry to adults and children
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm, Fri 8am-5pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Low income, sliding fee scale, payment options, OHP Open card and Capitol

La Clinica - Medford

3617 South Pacific Hwy
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: 541-512-3159
Services Provided: Emergent and General Dentistry
Population Served: General public; uninsured
Fees Info/Restrictions: Income based for uninsured; accept OHP and private insurance

La Clinica del Carino Family Health Center

849 Pacific Ave
Hood River, OR 97031
Phone: 541-386-6380
Services Provided: Emergent and family dentistry
Population Served: Oregon/Washington residents; children; pregnant women; emergencies on first come first served basis
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale; ability to pay; OHP

La Clinica del Carino Family Health Center

425 E 7th St
The Dalles, OR 97058
Phone: 541-296-4610
Hours: Mon-Fir 8am to 5pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale; ability to pay; OHP

Lane Community College Dental Clinic

4000 East 40th Ave, Rm 108
Eugene , OR 97405
Phone: 541-463-5206
Services Provided: Dental Hygiene: teeth cleaning, x-rays, sealants, fluoride, dental exams
Population Served: Open to public, emphasis on adults who have not had regular preventative care
Hours: Call 541-463-5206 to schedule screening appointment

Multnomah County Health Dept. - Dental Services

Portland , OR
Phone: 503-988-6942
Services Provided: OHP Plus, OHP Standard - Uninsured - Urgent and limited care
Population Served: Multnomah County residents; OHP MultiCare Plan, uninsured and limited access for other DCO plan
Hours: M-F 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: OHP Plus and Standard - No fee, Uninsured - Discounted fees based on family size and income

North Lake Clinic

87480 Spruce Street - PO Box 377
Christmas Valley, OR 97641
Phone: 541-576-2343
Services Provided: Mobile Dental Van
Population Served: Christmas Valley area

ODS Dental Hygiene School

909 Adams Ave.
La Grande, OR 97850
Phone: 541-663-2720
Services Provided: Preventive for adults and children- some additional services -
Population Served: Adults and children
Hours: Call for appt
Fees Info/Restrictions: Call for appointment and discounted services

OIT Dental Hygiene Clinic

3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Phone: 541-885-1330
Services Provided: Dental Hygiene: teeth cleaning, x-rays, sealants, fluoride, dental exams
Hours: Tues and Thurs; appts morning, afternoon & evening
Fees Info/Restrictions: contact for fee info

Pacific University Dental Hygiene Clinic

222 SE 8th Ave, Suite 271
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503-352-7373
Services Provided: Preventative and limited basic restorative services
Population Served: Adults and children age three or older
Hours: Call for screening appointment
Fees Info/Restrictions: Accepts most insurance, payment at time of service
Notes: fee schedule at web site

Pine Eagle Clinic

218 N. Pine Street P O Box 647
Halfway, OR 97834
Phone: 541-742-6012
Hours: call for appointment
Fees Info/Restrictions: Accept OMAP Open Card, People from Halfway and Richland, OR

Portland State University Student Clinic

1880 SW 6th Ave, University Center Bldg.
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: 503-725-2611
Services Provided: Diagnostic & preventative, some restorative and oral surgery
Population Served: Portland State University students enrolled in 5 credits or more per term
Hours: M-Sat 7 am to 5 pm
Notes: fee schedule at web site

Russell Street Dental Clinic/Project Dental Health

214 N. Russell
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: 503-494-6822
Services Provided: Diagnostic; preventative; restorative; periodontics; prosthodontics; oral surgery; endodontics; crown and bridge
Population Served: Various OHP Plus and Standard patients; low income with proof of income
Hours: M-Fri: 8 am -5 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Fee for service with proof of income; various OHP Plus and Standard patients

Senior Low Cost Denture Program of Lane County

2300 Oakmont Way
Ste. 110
Eugene , OR 97401
Phone: 541-686-1175
Population Served: Income restricted to under $15,000 per single, $20,000 if married

Senior Smile Dental Service

Services provided by volunteer dentists
Phone: 503-513-5010
Services Provided: Non emergency dental treatment
Population Served: Multnomah County residents, aged 65 or older,
Fees Info/Restrictions: Uninsured; income less than $1140/mth individual, $1537 per month two or more

Senior Smile Program - Washington County Dental Society

Washington Co. , OR
Phone: 503-848-5605
Services Provided: Contact for Application form 1 time fee $25 app fee - Seniors over age 60 only - $1100 or less per month income
Population Served: Must provide their own transportation to and from appt. They will be matched with a dentist who will do tx @ 50% of regular fees and often will accept payments

University of Oregon Student Dental Clinic

Eugene , OR 97401
Phone: 541-346-2039
Services Provided: Preventative and diagnostic services. For treatment, students are referred to dentists in community
Population Served: Students enrolled half time or full time in U of O (not community education courses)
Hours: Call Weekdays 9 am to 4:45 for appointment scheduling
Fees Info/Restrictions: Affordable fees

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

730 SE Oak St.
Ste A
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503-352-2354
Services Provided: Emergency dental care, family dentistry
Population Served: Medicaid for Oregon residents, children, pregnant women, emergencies on first-come, first served basis (start 7:30 am)
Hours: M-Th 8 am to 7 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale (with proof of income) ability to pay, OHP, some private insurance

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

44 N. 11th St.
Cornelius , OR 97113
Phone: 503-359-8505
Services Provided: Emergency dental care, family dentistry
Population Served: Medicaid for Oregon residents, children, pregnant women, emergencies on first-come, first served basis (start 7:30 am)
Hours: M-Fri 8 am to 7 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale (with proof of income) ability to pay, OHP, some private insurance

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

115 NE May Lane
McMinnville, OR 97128
Phone: 503-883-4700
Services Provided: Emergency dental care, family dentistry
Population Served: Medicaid for Oregon residents, children, pregnant women, emergencies on first-come, first served basis (start 7:30 am)
Hours: M-Thurs 8 am to 7 pm
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale (with proof of income) ability to pay, OHP, some private insurance

Waterfall Community Health Center

1890 Waite Street
North Bend, OR 97459
Phone: 541-756-6232
Services Provided: Dental Hygiene for children and adults - sealants also provided
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding scale and set fees- bring proof of income

West Salem Dental Clinic/Northwest Human Services

681 Center St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-315-0712
Services Provided: Full Service family dentistry
Population Served: People with low income; clients of NWHS homeless program; Migrant Farm workers; OHP eligible, and insured patients
Hours: Call for hours and appointment
Fees Info/Restrictions: Sliding fee scale for those with limited income or who are uninsured or underinsured; OHP

White Bird Community Dental Clinic
1400 Mill St.
Eugene , OR 97401
Phone: 541-344-8302
Services Provided: Urgent and on-going care, need intake interview for on-going
Population Served: Lane County residents who meet eligibility requirements
Hours: M-Thurs am intake interview
Fees Info/Restrictions: $50 to $600 depending on services needed

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Sedgwick County, Kansas Free Dental Clinics For Uninsured

Dental Clinics for Un/Under-insured Residents

A happy red apple getting it's teeth brushed.

Where can I seek oral care if I do not have dental insurance?

The following providers are available for low income, Medicaid, Medicare, under- and un-insured clients. Most services are available on a sliding scale. Call to make an appointment or ask about their sliding fees.

Center for Health and Wellness, Inc.
   2707 E 21st (67214)
Phone:      316-691-0249
Services:  Cleanings, sealants, fluoride, education,
               referral for all other health services.
Hours:      Wed. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

E.C. Tyree Dental Clinic
Address: 1525 N. Lorraine (67214)
Phone: 316-681-2545
Patients: Children and adults
Services: Cleanings, fillings, dentures, partials, whitening, sealants, fluoride, education and extractions.
Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays & Thursdays 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.,
Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. –5:00 p.m., and
Fridays 9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

GraceMed Dental Clinic
Address: 1122 N. Topeka (67214)
Phone: (316) 866-2000
Patients: Children and adults
Services: Cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, partials, bridges and dentures
Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,

GraceMed Evergreen Children’s Clinic
Address: 2700 N Woodland (67204)
Phone: (316) 832-1631
Patients: Children and adults
Services: Cleanings, x-rays, sealants
Hours: Mon. - Fri.  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

GraceMed Healthy Children Clinic
Address: 1233 S Emporia (67211)
Phone: (316) 973-4110
Patients: Children and adults
Services: Cleanings, x-rays, sealants
Hours: Mon. – Fri.  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

GraceMed Downing Children’s Clinic
Address:   2201 E. 25th N., at Gordon Park’s Academy (67219)
Phone:       (316) 558-3150
Patients:   Children and adults
Services:   Cleanings, x-rays, sealants
Hours:       Mon. – Fri.  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Hunter Health Clinic
Address: 2318 E Central (67214)
Phone: (316) 269-0677
Patients: Adults and Children
Services: Cleanings, extractions, x-rays, sealants, root canals and fillings.
Hours: Mon, Tues and Wed 8:00 - 5:00; Thurs 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Fri 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Wichita State University Dental Hygiene Clinic
Address: WSU Campus, 1845 Fairmount, 1st Floor of Ahlberg Hall (67260)
Phone: (316) 978-3603
Patients: Children and adults
Services: Cleanings, sealants, x-rays and exams.
Hours: Mon -Thurs. Call for times.

Sedgwick County Health Department
Address: 1900 E 9th (67214)
Phone: (316) 660-7317
Patients: Income Eligible Children age 5-15
Services: Cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatment, sealants, and simple extractions.
Hours: Mon- Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Indiana University School Of Dentistry FREE And Low Cost Dental Care

Free and low-cost dental care, though limited in Indianapolis, is provided by a variety of programs.

Gennesaret Free Clinic offers free dental services, but only to the local homeless population. In some cases, dentures are available at no cost. For information, call (317) 262-5645.

IU School of Dentistry
1121 W. Michigan St. provides dental care by students under a dentist's supervision. Services typically are available for fees lower than those charged by private dentists. Most insurance companies are accepted. Cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Cards are accepted. For information, call
(317) 274-7433 option #2.

Indiana University's Regenstrief Emergency Dental Clinic
At Wishard Memorial Hospital, 1001 W. 10th St., provides emergency dental services and regular dental services to the public. Dentures may be available for a reduced fee. For information for regular dental services, call (317) 630-6297.

Wishard's Cottage Corner Health Center
1434 Shelby St. and Grassy Creek Health Center, 9443 E. 38th St., have dental clinics for Wishard Advantage Patients and the public. For information on Cottage Corner's dental program, call
(317) 655-3204. For information on Grassy Creek's program, call (317) 890-2131.

People's Health Center
2340 E. 10th St., provides Dental care to homeless persons at no cost. If they are referred through the Homeless Initiative Program. Dentures may be available on a limited basis. Low-Income patients may quality for dental services at Reduced cost. For information, call (317) 782-2127.

Marion County Health Dept Dental Clinics
provides Dental health services to children, pregnant women, adults and patients with special needs in locations throughout Marion County.
    Christamore House Community Center
    502 N. Tremont St. (2300 W. Michigan Street) (317) 221-3426.
    Cleo Blackburn Health Center
    2700 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, (317) 931-4301.
    Forest Manor Community Health Center
    3840 N. Sherman Dr., (317) 221-3013.
    Northeast District Health Office
    64042 E. 21st St., 317.221.7397
    Philip and Vivian Pecar Health Center
    6940 N. Michigan Road, (317) 221-7574 or (317) 221-3417.

Raphael Health Center
401 E. 34th St, (317) 926-1507, Accepting Children and Adults of all ages. No insurance. No problem. We also accept Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise, Medicare, Raphael Advantage/Wishard Advantage Private Insurance, and all major credit cards.

Fountain Square Dental Clinic
1122 Shelby St., (317) 635-3737, no sliding scale, but will work with patients. No emergencies on Wednesday or Friday. See patients Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 am - 2:30 pm and Saturdays 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Wheeler Mission
245 N. Deleware St., Services are provided on Tuesday beginning at 6pm and may expand to Thursdays. Dentures are not available. For information, call (317) 687-6795.

State Department of Health
Indiana Family Helpline 1-800-433-0746

Indiana Donated Dental Services
(317) 631-6022

Indiana Dental Association

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Ohio Low Income Dental Options

Click Here For Website

The ability to receive quality dental care is important but many Americans must often choose between dental care and other expenses of daily living - and dental care is often sacrificed.

While it is reported nationally that access to affordable dental care is a major problem, organized dentistry in the state of Ohio has been visionary, responding to this need with statewide programs that provide needed access to oral health care to qualified individuals.

One such program is Dental OPTIONS, sponsored by the Ohio Dental Association and Ohio Department of Health. It is a program that links people in need with dentists who have agreed to treat approved patients for reduced fees.


Click here for information on enrolling in OPTIONS and frequently asked questions

Click here to download a Dental OPTIONS patient application.

Click here for an OPTIONS dentist brochure and learn how the program works for Ohio dentists.

Click here to download a Dental OPTIONS dentist enrollment form.

Click here to download a treatment form. Reporting treatment values of Dental OPTIONS patients is an important component of the program. If you have questions or need assistance, contact your referral coordinator at 1.888.765.6789.

More programs are needed to ensure that all Ohioans get the dental care they need. The ODA is working with the Ohio Department of Health to determine cost-effective ways to provide care to vulnerable Ohioans.

The Ohio Department of Health provides information on finding dental care, including Safety Net Dental Care Programs in the state, and information on Healthy Start, Dental OPTIONS and more. A Safety Net program offers sliding fee schedules, reduced fees or free care to those who cannot afford a private dentist. For information on safety net programs, contact a referral coordinator of the OPTIONS program, 1.888.765.6789.

For more information on Dental OPTIONS call 1.888.765.6789.

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Free and Low-Cost Dental Care in Brooklyn, New York

Lutheran Medical Center Dental
150 55th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220
Sliding scale fees between $15-$50 for the first visit, proof of income needed. Must make an appointment.

New York City Technical College
300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY
Provides cleaning, fluoride treatment, and x-rays. All services performed by dental hygiene students and supervised by licensed dental hygienists and dentists. All services are $10.

New York University David B. Kriser Dental Center
345 East 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
212.998.9810, Community Outreach
Medicaid accepted, fee charged for uninsured individuals.

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Free dental and medical resources

I see a lot of people are having medical issues on this website. try: and for free dental services.

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Denver, Colorado FREE Eye and Medical Services

Beacon Place

Map Location

3636 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80204
Phone #: (303) 629-1667

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Map Location

2111 Champa
Denver, CO 80205-2526
Phone #: (303) 293-2217

Service: Admin/Clinic Dental Care Services, Enabling Services, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care

Goebel House

Map Location

1100 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80220
Phone #: (303) 778-8081

Pecos Clinic Clinica Campesina Third Floor

Map Location

1701 West 72nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80221
Phone #: (303) 650-4460

Quigg Newton Holistic Health and Outreach Center/Quigg Newton Mental Health

Map Location

4545 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211
Phone #: (303) 436-8670

Samaritan House Clinic

Map Location

2301 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80205
Phone #: (303) 294-0241
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San Jose, California FREE Eye and Medical Services

Pacific Free Clinic

Map Location

1835 Cunningham Ave.
San Jose, CA 95122
Phone #: (408) 705-0119

Free Service Services: provides basic care for a range of medical concerns; free laboratory testing; provides free medications and medication vouchers; Pacific Free Clinic offers testing for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and hepatitis B to all patients--even if they do not require a full appointment.

Rotacare Free Clinic

Map Location

100 Oak St
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone #: (408) 924-0401

Free service

San Jose-Alameda Clinic

Map Location

1691 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone #: 408-287-7526

Clinic HoursMonday 8:15 am - 7 pmTuesday 8:45 am - 8 pmWednesday 7:45 am - 8 pmThursday 7:45 am - 8 pmFriday 7:30 am - 5 pmWalk in HoursWednesday, Thursday 9 am - 5 pmTeen Clinic HoursMondays 3 - 7 pm

San Jose-Blossom Hill Clinic

Map Location

5440 Thornwood Drive Suite G
San Jose, CA 95123
Phone #: 408-281-9777

Clinic HoursMonday 8 am - 6 pmTuesday 9 am - 5 pmWednesday 9 am - 5 pmThursday 9 am - 8 pmFriday 9 am - 5 pmSaturday 9 am - 1 pmWalk in HoursMonday 9-5Wednesday 9-5

San Jose-East Valley Clinic

Map Location

2470 Alvin Ave. Suite 80
San Jose, CA 95121
Phone #: 408-274-7100

Clinic HoursMonday 9 am - 5 pmTuesday 9 am - 5 pmWednesday 9 am - 5 pmThursday 9 am - 5 pmFriday 9 am - 5 pmSaturday 9 am - 1 pm - Appts 2 Saturdays per month

San Jose-Eastside Clinic

Map Location

3131 Alum Rock Ave.
San Jose, CA 95127
Phone #: 408-729-7600

Clinic HoursMonday 8:30 am - 5 pmTuesday 8:30 am - 5 pm; Every other Tues., 11 am - 5pmWednesday 8:30 am - 7 pmThursday 8:30 am - 7 pmFriday 8:30 am - 5 pmSaturday Closed

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